Board of Directors

  • Leslie Brown

    Director since 2016
    Ms. Brown, has owned and served as Chairperson of Metal Flow Corporation, a Holland, Michigan based high volume producer of technically sophisticated custom metal-based components through deep draw processes. Including operations in China, Metal Flow Corporation globally ships approximately 1.3 million parts daily for a variety of automotive applications including airbags, decorative trim, emissions, fuel handling, sensors, and solenoids. As such, Ms. Brown has a significant understanding of, and experience with, challenges faced by manufacturing companies that supply the global automotive industry. In addition to her years of experience as an entrepreneurial automotive supplier, as a prominent local business woman serving on a variety community organization boards of directors (including as Chairperson of the Holland Hospital Board), Ms. Brown has demonstrated a high degree of personal and professional integrity. Ms. Brown provides the Board with unique insight and perspective, especially in terms of developing and maintaining an entrepreneurial team.

    • Gary Goode

      Director since 2003
      Mr. Goode is the Chairman of Titan Distribution LLC, an Elkhart, Indiana, company that offers consulting and distribution services related to structural adhesives, and has held that position since 2004. He was previously employed at Arthur Andersen LLP for 29 years, including 11 years as the managing partner of its West Michigan practice, until his retirement in March 2001. Mr. Goode is the Audit Committee Chairman at, and a director of, Universal Forest Products, Inc. He is the Chairman of the Company's Audit and Compensation Committees, and serves on the Company's Nominating Committee. Mr. Goode has affirmatively been identified as an independent director by the Board of Directors and as an audit committee financial expert. Mr. Goode's career in public accounting has provided him the opportunity to work with a great variety of small and large companies, both publicly held and privately held, in a broad array of industries (including automotive and technology companies). Mr. Goode's experience brings the Board of Directors a well-developed financial perspective and familiarity with publicly held companies.

      • Pete Hoekstra

        Director since 2013
        Mr. Hoekstra serves as a senior advisor at Dickstein Shapiro LLP in the firm’s Public Policy and Law Practice, where he provides business consulting in intelligence and national security, education and labor. He served in the United States Congress for 18 years, representing Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District from 1993 to 2011, and is one of only a few former U.S. Congressmen with experience as a Fortune 500 business executive. Before his election to Congress, Mr. Hoekstra worked at Zeeland, Michigan-based office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, Inc. for 15 years, during a period when that company’s revenues grew approximately 800 percent. At Herman Miller, Mr. Hoekstra worked in product development, product management and dealer development and he rose through the ranks to become Vice President of Marketing. He brings to the Gentex Board a unique blend of expertise and perspective on the global marketplace and public policy implications.

        • James A. Hollars

          Director since 2014
          Mr. Hollars is currently a member of the Advisory Board of Racemark International, a supplier of high end automotive floor mats. He was Senior Vice President International for the Company from 1999 to 2009. Mr. Hollars’ automotive career began at Chrysler Corp in 1965 in material control. In 1973 he joined Lear Siegler, Inc, a supplier of automotive, aerospace and commercial products. During a 25 year career he held management positions at six divisions, including three as Division President and participated in the management buyout of Lear Siegler Seating Division, an automotive seating supplier. From 1990 to 2009, he lived and worked in Europe, first for Lear Corp., then Gentex, during a period of rapid growth for both. He developed relationships and a working knowledge of all the major European automobile manufacturers. Mr. Hollars brings to the Board an exceptional understanding of customer sales, support and decision making processes, especially in Europe, the Company’s largest geographic market. He is familiar with the Company’s core business principles and what it takes to work in an entrepreneurial environment. Mr. Hollars has been affirmatively identified as an independent director.

          • John Mulder

            Director since 1992
            Mr. Mulder has served as a director of the Company since 1992 and was elected as a director by the Company's shareholders in 2010. Mr. Mulder served as Vice President of Customer Relations at Gentex from February 2000 to June 2002. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Automotive Marketing at Gentex from September 1998 to February 2000. Prior to September 1998, he was Vice President of Automotive Marketing at Gentex for more than five years. Mr. Mulder has affirmatively been identified as an independent director by the Board of Directors. In addition to his overall understanding of the Company's primary industry and familiarity with the Company's core business principles, he also possesses intimate knowledge of selling to automotive original equipment manufacturers ("OEMs") and has over many years enjoyed close relationships with relevant decision makers at the Company's customers.

            • Richard Schaum

              Director since 2011
              Mr. Schaum has nearly four decades of experience in product development, manufacturing and program management. He has a long and distinguished career at Chrysler Corporation. By virtue of Mr. Schaum's former executive positions at a large automaker, he has a thorough understanding of the global automotive industry and the unique challenges faced by automotive suppliers. He is a fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers. Mr. Schaum has affirmatively been identified as an independent director by the Board of Directors. He currently sits on the Board of Directors and the Corporate Governance Committee at BorgWarner, Inc. and on the Board of Directors and Compensation Committee of Sterling Construction Company, Inc.

              • Frederick Sotok

                Director since 2000
                Mr. Sotok has served as a director of the Company since 2000 and was elected as a director by the Company's shareholders in 2010. Mr. Sotok was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Prince Corporation (manufacturer of automotive interior parts that was acquired by Johnson Controls in 1996) from October 1977 to October 1996. Mr. Sotok was a director of Clarion Technologies, Inc. from 2005-2007. By virtue of his former executive position at a large automotive interior parts supplier, Mr. Sotok has a thorough understanding of the global automotive industry and what it takes for automotive suppliers to be successful, especially the operational and administrative aspects of automotive suppliers. Mr. Sotok’s 17 years of experience in manufacturing management at General Electric also provide the Board with additional manufacturing experience to draw upon.

                • James Wallace

                  Chairman of the Board, Director since 2007
                  Mr. Wallace is Chairman of the Board of Cranel, Inc., a Columbus, Ohio, company that provides storage, imaging, and information technology services; data storage solutions; document imaging, storage, publishing, and duplication services; and support, to the storage and imaging industry. Previously, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cranel, Inc. for more than five years. Mr. Wallace is the Chairman of the Company’s Nominating Committee and serves on the Company's Compensation Committee. Mr. Wallace has affirmatively been identified as an independent director by the Board of Directors. Mr. Wallace brings to the Board experience working with an entrepreneurial company, an understanding of various technologies, and manufacturing expertise.

                  Chairman of the Board