Craig Piersma, Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Craig Piersma

Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications
Craig joined Gentex in 1997 as a marketing manager, and served in various positions before being promoted to Vice President in 2021. Craig oversees Gentex’s advertising, branding, product research, sales tool development, public relations, event management, social media, internal communications, and often serves as our corporate spokesperson. Craig’s long history with the company, appreciation for Gentex’s unique corporate culture, love of technology, and ability to communicate complex subject matter have been instrumental in the evolution of Gentex from automotive supplier to technology company. Prior to joining Gentex, Craig worked at Haworth, where he managed showroom design, public relations, and marketing communications. He has also worked at Seyferth PR, and served as an adjunct professor of public relations writing at Grand Valley State University. Craig received his bachelor’s degree from Hope College, where he majored in Business Administration and Communications.