Documents & Charters

The Company operates within a comprehensive plan of corporate governance for the purpose of defining responsibilities, setting high standards of professionalism and personal conduct, and assuring compliance with such responsibilities and standards. The Company regularly monitors developments in the area of corporate governance.

The Board of Directors has an Executive Committee, an Audit Committee, a Nominating Committee, and a Compensation Committee, and may also appoint other committees from time to time. Other than the Executive Committee, each committee has a written charter. All such charters are available below. A hard copy of any of these documents will be provided to any shareholder who submits a request in writing to the Corporate Secretary, Gentex Corporation, 600 North Centennial Street, Zeeland, Michigan, 49464.

Each member of the Board of Directors is expected to make a reasonable effort to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors, all applicable committee meetings, and each annual meeting of shareholders.

Committee Charters

Governance Documents