Gentex To Debut New Aftermarket Version Of Its Full Display Mirror(R) At SEMA

Oct 31, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Oct 31, 2016) - Gentex Corporation (NASDAQ: GNTX)

Also at SEMA:

  • Introduce new stand-alone headlamp control module
  • Showcase custom Full Display Mirror, shark fin camera and exterior auto-dimming mirrors for Ringbrothers' 1948 Cadillac Fastback
  • Display Porsche 919 Hybrid racecar
  • Premiere all-new booth and product display properties

At this year's SEMA show, Gentex Corporation (NASDAQ: GNTX) will unveil an aftermarket version of its Full Display Mirror® (FDM™), an intelligent rear vision system that uses a rearward-facing camera and mirror-integrated video display to optimize a vehicle's rearward view.

The Company will also introduce a stand-alone SmartBeam® automatic high-beam module, showcase a custom rear vision system for the Ringbrothers' 1948 Cadillac Fastback, and display a Porsche 919 Hybrid, which this year took the checkered flag at the 24 Hours of Le Mans while equipped with a Gentex rear vision system.

These and other Gentex product displays will be featured in an all-new, two-story booth (North Hall, #12075) designed to showcase the breadth and depth of the Company's expanding automotive-vision and vehicle-connectivity product lineup.

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show is the premiere automotive specialty products trade event in the world. This year's show takes place November 1-4, 2016, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"This is going to be an incredible SEMA show for us," said Steve Downing, Gentex senior vice president. "We're debuting new products, displaying new concepts, and showcasing our design and engineering capabilities through recent partnership activities with Porsche and Ringbrothers. The show provides tremendous exposure with our aftermarket and OEM customers alike."

The Gentex aftermarket FDM consists of mirror-borne LCD and a custom, Gentex-designed camera engineered specifically for automotive vision. The mirror features bi-modal functionality. In mirror mode, the product functions as a standard automatic-dimming rearview mirror, but with the flip of a lever, the mirror enters display mode, and a clear, bright, LCD display appears through the mirror's reflective surface, providing a wide, unobstructed rearward view.

The aftermarket FDM will be available in the first quarter of 2017 and ship with a complete installation kit consisting of the mirror, camera, cables and wire harnesses, and several bracket options for mounting the camera to the rear window.

At SEMA, Gentex will also introduce a stand-alone SmartBeam headlamp control module. SmartBeam was the industry's first -- and remains a best-selling -- automatic high-beam system. Typically, SmartBeam is integrated into an automatic-dimming rearview mirror. The new module combines the camera, optics, microprocessor, control algorithms, and vehicle bus communications in one flexible, stand-alone module that can be mounted to windscreens, headliners, or other locations. Stand-alone SmartBeam is designed to accommodate not only a wide variety of cars and trucks, but also motorcycles, ATVs and heavy equipment.

This past year, Gentex partnered with world-renowned car builder Ringbrothers to provide a complete rear vision system for their custom-built 1948 Cadillac Fastback. Gentex developed a tailor-made FDM, shark-fin-integrated camera, and chromed, flying-wing-design exterior mirrors that enhance the rear vision on this one-of-a-kind Cadillac, which was designed and engineered to meld a vintage exterior with modern interior technologies. The car will feature in SEMA's Battle of the Builders competition and can be viewed at the Flowmaster booth, #22351.

At the new Gentex booth, visitors will also get a close-up look at a Porsche 919 Hybrid, similar to the type that took the checkered flag and logged its record-setting 18th victory at the most recent 24 Hours of Le Mans. As an Official Supplier of Porsche Motorsports LMP1 Team, Gentex supplied Porsche with a racing version of its FDM system, which ultimately helped "see" Porsche to victory.

Founded in 1974, Gentex Corporation (NASDAQ: GNTX) is a supplier of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors and electronics to the automotive industry, dimmable aircraft windows for aviation markets, and fire protection products to the fire protection market. Visit the company website at

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